Returns Policy

Managing Returns

ESpex is not a manufacturer or authorized service centre, therefore it is highly recommended that customers contact the manufacturer's technical support directly for any troubleshooting or technical support advice before you return the product to us for a warranty claim. Some of these manufacturer provided support services are free and may provide you expert technical advice. If the product is deemed faulty, in many cases, a tech support case number is assigned.

Products may need to be returned for a variety of reasons – faults, warranty returns or non-fault returns. Below is the procedure for returning products to eSpex Pty Ltd.


In most circumstances products are covered by the Manufacturer warranty. We recommend contacting product manufacturer first to troubleshoot any problems and discuss the warranty conditions. If that fails, we suggest filling out RMA form on our website.


Before any product is returned a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) form must first filled out. Returns may also require an authorisation number from the Vendor as well.

Once your return is authorised you will be issued with a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number. All returns must be clearly labelled with this RMA number before being returned to us.

Applying for a Return Authorisation Number


Customers must return product(s) by following instructions provided by eSpex with the RMA number clearly written on a removable label on the outside of the shipping carton(s). This number must not be directly written on the carton.

Returns should be sent to the address provided.

The receiving dock operates between 8:00am and 5:00pm EST Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Please note:

  • All products must be returned in complete set with original packaging and must be received by Espex’ distribution centre within 30 days of the RMA number being issued.
  • Products returned by post should be sent by registered or certified mail. eSPex accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occurring in transit.
  • You must obtain a valid RMA number (see above) for all returned product(s). If the RMA number cannot be identified, or if the Product does not match the RMA details provided by you in terms of either quantity, eSpex product code or product serial number, eSpex may reject the returned product at the eSpex RA dock and return it to you at your expense.
  • For all returned product(s), you must maintain a copy of the proof of delivery or consignment information to confirm delivery in case of future queries.